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New card/ticket system

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  • New card/ticket system

    Where or how do we top up these new cards,
    More information would be appreciated

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    This information is TBC within the next few days. However, you can still top-up card in the club shop.


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      Cheers many thanks


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        Conducted a very unprofessional small sample survey this morning - ok I had a chat. A casual customer - in the best possible sense - not short of a bob - kind of guy we'd like to see more of. He attends games when the mood takes and time allows. Firstly he hadn't been aware of the match on Tuesday until he saw the result. Secondly he thought the new swipe system "crazy" (basically off-putting). Having inflicted some pain in his professional capacity he had evidently thought some more - "So if I drop into the ground on Friday will the shop be open ?" "Mm" says I. "Where can I get one in the town ?" "You can't" says I wishing I hadn't raised the subject. This is a fairly interested local who enjoys most competitive sports and is fed up with EPL but does not haunt this website nor does he spend his god given hours on Facebook or the like and why would he ? The uplift in season ticket sales is good with a no-brainer offer but we still need to be steering new feet through the gates. Performances like Tuesday night's can only help - but my real live part-time fan didn't know the match was on. Maybe I was unlucky in finding the only man in the Triangle who didn't know - maybe - but maybe not. PR is a water on stone business. Think I may have said that before :sorry to be a bore.


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          Download matchday card form HERE:


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            Cheers and many thanks