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    Friends of Coleraine Football Club.

    Ladies and Gentlemen business on the pitch for the 2016/17 season ended at Windsor Park on Saturday. We had a good day out and the fans at least showed the city folk how to do it.

    The A.G.Ms of both Friends and CFC looms. Both will likely be held on 21st June (not nailed down for sure) by which time we will know where the European adventure is taking us.

    We'll be in touch at least 4 weeks before the event but for now I want to invite members (and ex-members) to submit ideas and questions for consideration. We don't promise to deal with all topics ( June 21st may be the longest day but there are limits) but there are bound to be things we miss and we know with the best will in the world not everyone can make it to the Showground on the night. Have a think and don't dismiss anything - if you think it's important then it is important.

    You will as ever be very welcome to attend in person and say your piece at both meetings. Should you wish to stand for election to either FCFC or CFC Board of Directors membership of Friends needs to be paid by 31st May.

    For now thank you all for continued and vital support, Derek Simpson (Chair FCFC).

    replies to (my personal email) (or but there are still a few wrinkles to be ironed out with this impressive new website)

    It would be very useful if members forwarded updated or new email addresses: this notice has been sent to all the addresses we have. If you did not receive it then we have not an up to date e-mail.
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    "Friends of Coleraine Football Club can confirm that the A.G.M will be held at Coleraine Showgrounds on 21st June at 7.30p.m. All current members (ie anyone who has contributed between 1 June 2016 and 31st May 2017) are eligible to attend, ask questions, propose motions and even stand for office.
    The C.F.C. A.G.M. will follow immediately after the conclusion of the F.C.F.C. meeting.
    Friends of Coleraine Football Club is the legal owner of the club holding the controlling share in trust. Each member has equal voting rights. Membership forms may be obtained on-line or from the Club Secretary’s office."


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      Friends of Coleraine FC (FCFC) Annual General Meeting,
      Coleraine Showgrounds, Wednesday 21 June 2017, 7.30pm
      1. Welcome

      1. Chairman’s Remarks

      1. Treasurer’s Report

      1. FCFC Committee Election including office bearers:
        • Chairman
        • Vice-Chairman
        • Secretary
        • Treasurer
        • Share Trustee

      1. A.O.B.

      CFC AGM to follow at 8.30p.m.


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        Annual General Meeting of Coleraine Football Club Limited

        21/06/2017. Viewing Lounge 8.30 p.m.


        1. Previous minutes from AGM07/06/16
        2. Chairman’s Report
        3. Treasurer’s report and adoption of Annual Accounts
        4. Academy Report
        5. Stadium Development Report
        6. Q & A
        7. Appointment/Election of Board members 2017-20
        8. Appointment of Company Auditors.


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          All qualifying Friends of Coleraine FC members attending will be entered in a draw for a return ticket on the Club Charter Flight to the Away Euro fixture. Draw to be held at the close of business.


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            That'll be Norwayland then Ladies and Gents. One £200 plane ticket to be drawn at Friends AGM on Wednesday - not a member ? why not ?


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              On a high. Ian Troy's numbers came up in the "Friends of Coleraine F.C." draw at their Annual General Meeting in the Showground. Founder member and Hon.Secretary for the past six tears Ian wins a return air ticket to Coleraine's away fixture against FK Haugesund of Norway on 29th June. Friends of Coleraine FC is the trustee share holder of the Club.


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                Suits you sir. Bryan McNeill receives his prize Coleraine shirt from CFC Shop assistant Roberta Graham.
                "Friends of Coleraine F.C." offered the prize for new or raised subscriptions during August. By happy co-incidence Bryan's birthday too.


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                  Faraway Friends…

                  Judging from goodwill messages received before the Cup Final Coleraine F.C. has fans all over the globe.

                  “Friends of Coleraine” has members as far away as Spain and even Leeds.

                  Imagine how awful it must be right now soaking up the sun in Sydney or Dubai and dreaming of a proper Saturday afternoon huddled in the shelter of the Railway End sucking a burger for warmth.

                  Imagine seeing the stripes top of the League week in week out and not being able to slap it into the away end support. Must be awful.

                  It’s probably safe to say that few with striped blood & permatanned legs will have availed of the generous season ticket offer. Seven hundred supporters have and 2000 signed up for the swipecard scheme, which is great news but….

                  … what is a faraway fan to do ? How to be part of the ‘17-‘18 season. How, in a word, to be an actual and not just a virtual supporter. Enter Friends of Coleraine FC.

                  “Friends” was crucial to the survival of CFC in 2005-2006. Without “Friends” there would be no 90th Anniversary to celebrate. “Friends” continues to be relevant – all donations go to essential upkeep of the Club.

                  John Mairs stood up in court 12 years ago and persuaded His Honour Justice Weir against the case brought by HMRC that Coleraine F.C. could survive as a going concern.

                  His Honour in summing up commented “What is however relevant and, in my view decisive, is the involvement of the Friends. Mrs McAuley generously acknowledged the evident sincerity of Mr Mairs, its Vice-Chairman, and I agree with her assessment. It is also clear that the Friends have in a short time done considerable effective work in assembling monies that will be potentially available for an improved CVA together with further monies to assist in the running of the Company should it be allowed to trade forward.”

                  John Mairs has since served on the CFC board, is the trustee of the Club share certificate, and currently serves as treasurer of ‘Friends’. A safe pair of hands if ever there were. And if he weren’t so modest you would know all of this already.

                  Please forward this letter and the attached membership mandate form to fans you know in other time zones. Look on it as doing them a favour.

                  Those closer to home will have noticed that European qualification hasn’t solved all the Club’s problems. Coleraine’s catchment area is tiny compared to Belfast clubs. Various sponsorships such as match balls and shirts have become more expensive: it costs more to sponsor SUCCESS them’s the rules. If, like me, you can’t shell out a hundred quid without serious thought and the possibility of suffering domestic abuse “Friends” is your friend.

                  A few quid a month by direct debit (£5 ? £10 ?) means the club can budget for essential upkeep with some degree of certainty. Floodlights have to be lit and referees paid no matter the takings at the gate.

                  We do give the odd prize for members but all we can promise is the satisfaction that members actually do something for the club and share in the Club’s success (and long may that continue – why should it end ? ).

                  Allergic to direct debits ? A donation is always welcome – we have annual members. Address as on the form and please do include enough information for the records and to receive a receipt.

                  Friends does not store members’ bank details on any electronic device.

                  Tomorrow the Showground Showdown with the Blues .

                  Intae them,

                  Derek Simpson (Chair. FCFC)

                  Friends FORM 160817revised.doc

                  October17 newsletter.pdf